Executive Presence - Transparency (online)

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To be truly transparent, you have to keep your efforts focused on work and productivity. Let your people know how large scale decisions are made. What goes into the design and strategy of a very big change? What are the goals that everyone's working on? Communicate, then allow your employees to 'own' what they have to own.

Really, a transparent leader doesn't have any hidden agendas or hidden conditions. All the information required is put out there, to increase collaboration, cooperation and effective decision-making. Learn how to persuade other with simple truth. It's called 'Transparency'.

With what you learn in this program, you will truly understand the definition of transparency and get a running start on being the leader you need to be. You will have three new ways of creating executive presence.

Remember, being transparent does not mean telling your employees everything you know. It means being authentic, a truth teller with tact and diplomacy.

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