Executive Presence - Results (online)

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As a leader, you are not expected to do things alone. In fact, you will fail if you try. Your challenge comes when you must identify your business partners. You need relationships that are results-focused in your business world.

Being ‘results-oriented’ means creating a performance culture with your team. It involves setting clear expectations and clearly identifying roles and responsibilities. Learn from a leading expert and start getting the results people expect from you.

This program is part of a series written and presented by Brenda Corbett, world’s leading educator in executive coaching. Each program deals with one quality of executive presence, and what it takes to develop that quality.

Results-oriented people can be seen:
- Getting the job done, with a fearless approach to work.
- Knowing what the best results look like, and helping their team get them.
- Embracing change to make their numbers, meet their deadlines.

After completing this program, you will have a brilliant way to make sure you finish what you start.

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