Executive Presence - Acumen (online)

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A leader with acumen understands their profession and their industry. They handle complex situations, offer insights, and make decisions quickly and easily. A leader with acumen has a ‘big picture’ understanding of the business, not just deep expertise in a specific area.

There is a unique place, where your skills, your training, your knowledge and experience meet up with your behavior: the way you listen, communicate and share your knowledge is acumen. After completing this program, you will have two new ways of tackling the art of acumen.

This program focuses on the how to learn, develop and add the quality of Acumen to your life.

We look at acumen from two angles: One part of acumen is skills: knowledge and experience. The other part of acumen involves behavior: knowing when to talk and when to listen. Acumen creates a tremendous 'Impact On Business'.

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