Certified Sherpa Coach (CSC) Online Recertification

$ 350.00

This transaction allows for convenient payment of your investment in renewing your status as a Certified Sherpa Coach (CSC) via  the Sherpa Leadership Institute Online (SLIO) recertification course.  

  1. Complete the recertification purchase and include your email address in the order instructions at checkout. 
  2. A code for enrollment access will be emailed to you.
  3. Completing the online program serves as your recertification submission.
  4. Sherpa staff will follow-up to confirm your submission.

 Read carefully:  You are signing up to file a case study about a selected coaching client online, including: 

  • Client first name and background: 
  • Givens:  Pertinent information 
  • Summary of each session 
  • Justification of route and path selection
  • Midterm evaluation form/final evaluation form or summary
  • Summary of results and iob and changes in behavior

Prepare this document before you go online, so you can copy it into the online program and retain a permanent copy for your own records.

You will find this item of interest only if you are a Sherpa Coach who is renewing a certification that expired this year. If you are renewing a certification that lapsed last year or earlier, an additional interview applies, with associated costs of $175. (follow this link).

To download the complete certification model, GO HERE.

 If you have questions, please call Sherpa Coaching at (513) 232-0002.

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