Coaching Skills for High Performance Program

$ 799.00

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Coaching Skills for High Performance (CSHP) has been endorsed and offered by a number of leading universities based on years of global research on leadership and coaching. This two day program, designed for managers and executives of the same rank, is available in English or Spanish.
Senior managers and executives who are untrained in coaching skills tend to micro-manage rather than lead. They may show favoritism, deliver expectations poorly, lack accountability, or act unpredictably. What's the result of poor leadership? People become stressed, unhappy or completely disengaged.
CSHP can be a game changer for managers by teaching them how to lead from a coaching perspective.  This comprehensive program, based on the book "BE . . Don't do: The Sherpa Guide to Coaching for Managers" covers the most important coaching skills managers have to master. It teaches them how to integrate coaching into their leadership capabilities. The authors of this 'all-business' program are available as instructors.
CSHP is a workshop style program guaranteed to deliver a set of tools that apply to the most common coaching opportunities. Learn how to create a positive impact on business (IOB), resulting in higher morale, productivity, better communication and effective delivery of expectations and accountability.
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