Be... Don't Do; The Sherpa Guide to Coaching for Managers

$ 18.50

Written by Brenda Corbett and Judith Colemon, 'Be... Don't Do' captures the wisdom of the Sherpas in Nepal, as told to the world's leading educators in executive coaching. It is used in the two-day Coaching Skills for High Performance program.

'Be... Don't Do' also stands on its own as a guide for managers and executives charged with leading others to peak performance by creating a coaching environment.

The book contains everything a leader needs to be self-aware and to guide others through 'coaching moments': giving up ownership, asking questions, listening and setting expectations.

'Be... Don't Do' distills content from 'The Sherpa Guide: Process-driven Executive Coaching", the world's leading text for executive coaches, and adds new material that adds value to any leader's repertoire.


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