Executive Presence - Being Present (online)

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This program is part of a series about Executive Presence. Each program deals with one quality of executive presence, and what it takes to develop that quality. The series is written and presented by Brenda Corbett, world’s leading educator in executive coaching.

In this program, Brenda will discuss ways to get ‘into the present’. She will cover what mindfulness is and why should you care about it. She will also focus on change, and how to address your fear of change so you can begin to live and be in the present.

Being present means “noticing the little things” and being in the moment. Only then can you give people the time and the quality of attention they deserve. Being 'present' changes things.

When you are ‘present’, people will say they believe in you. They will describe you as authentic. They will sense a stillness and focus that allows you to give everything to what is happening right now. Learn the secrets this program has to share, and increase your executive presence.

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